Welcome to Hostels by Maria   in  Niagara Falls,  Our Hostels  are unique, fun and well thought out to make your  stay an experience in itself.

Covid -19 & Hygiene Practice

First of all as a Canadian I am so proud for how we have  responded to Covid-19, we are doing our part to help fight Covid, with extra sanitation measure and not over booking our Dorms, each pods are sanitized after each checkout, our hostel is disinfected with commercial grade disinfectant, our beds and pillows have protectors on them and all our guest get professionally cleaned linen while checking in. We  believe that our hostels are still good options for those worried about Covid-19, as its easy for us to sanitize and monitor things, still a great place to meet new travellers and socialize responsibly.

Green and Gold Recording Studio Vintage
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Downtown Niagara Falls

4365 Queen Street

2nd Floor, Niagara Falls

ON, Canada

Lundys Lane Niagara Falls

6933 Lundy's Lane

Niagara Falls, ON


Scooter, Surrey Bike &

U Haul Truck Rental

4400 Queen Street

Niagara Falls, ON